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About our company

A.J.S Imports was established in 1995 and directed by Simon Attard.

At the beginning,  A.J.S Imports imported spices from Arabic countries, packaged them under the brand name of Kamn and distributed them in the Maltese Islands. At that time it specialized mainly in Oriental spices and Turkish food like the Bulgur wheat fine and coarse, paprika with 120 Asta and more.

A.J.S Imports started specializing also in Indian food especially when it was starting to gain popularity in Malta. Such products are the butter ghee, papadoms and much more.

Other two companies that A.J.S Imports import are the well-known East End and TRS.

In 2010, Jonathan Attard joined the company and started directing under the trade name A.J.S imports and distributors.

A.J.S Imports is continuously seeking to import new Brands and products to meet its clients’ needs, and also to export the brand Kamn so that customers from different cultures and places can taste the quality of its products.

A.J.S Imports main focus is to provide high quality products and ensuring client satisfaction.